The Law Offices of Craig B. Bluestein, P.C.

Small by design, the Law Offices of Craig B. Bluestein, P.C., strives to represent people in a very client – centered, comfortable manner. We take this client-centered approach by employing at the start an age-old, but tried and true formula – we listen. Listening…. we view this as one of the great lost arts. We learn a great deal about our clients’ needs and wants by sitting back, listening, and only then deciding upon a plan of action.

We view ourselves as problem-solvers. We analyze the facts, isolate the issues involved, and then think broadly and outside-the-box to find ways to resolve the situation in a timely and cost-productive manner.

We are proud of the breadth of services which we can provide for our clients. Our service areas include adoption, family law, termination of parental rights, custody, support, property division, juvenile dependency and delinquency law, surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology law, criminal, expungement of records, medical cannabis / marijuana law, civil litigation, unemployment compensation, personal injury, and related matters.