Craig B. Bluestein, Esq.

A Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, Craig B. Bluestein is a solo practitioner in the Law Offices of Craig B. Bluestein, P.C., in Fort Washington and Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania. He is currently a member of the Pennsylvania, Montgomery, and Monroe County Bar Associations, as well as the New Jersey Bar Association. A past Chair of the Family Law Section of the Montgomery Bar Association, he has through the years chaired and presented at many conferences and seminars, participated in adoption, dependency, delinquency and family law related panels, and handled thousands of family law and agency and independent adoption matters, intrastate and interstate, both contested and uncontested, at the trial and appellate level.

A past chair as Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Childrens’ Rights Committee, Mr. Bluestein has represented clients in a variety of cases since 1980. Having a keen interest in assisting families and children, his main emphasis throughout his career has been on family law and adoption matters. He has also provided caring service throughout his career to injured victims, arising from auto accidents, fall downs, and other types of life altering injury cases. Also a mediator, he has facilitated the thoughtful and caring resolution of many divorce, custody, and adoption related matters, utilizing a client centered approach. He also has recently been appointed as a Juvenile Delinquency Hearing Officer in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

From 2000 to 2015, he served as an Assistant Public Defender in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in the Juvenile Division, and in the latter years as chief of the child advocacy unit. There, he acted as Guardian Ad Litem in representing thousands of children at permanency, dependency, delinquency, termination of parental rights, contested adoption and other legal proceedings. During the past few years, he served as planner, moderator and presented at “Current Issues for Child Advocates”, a
Pennsylvania Bar Institute Continuing Legal Education Seminar. Also in recent years, he prepared and presented at seminars including The Nuts and Bolts of Adoption, Hot Topics in Dependency and the Juvenile Act, Interstate Adoption, the Complex Path to Parenthood, and other seminars. Mr. Bluestein has served as a member of the Pennsylvania Advisory Committee to the Joint State Government Task Force on Adoption and on the Pennsylvania task force with regard to Assisted Reproductive Technology Law. He has served as an adjunct professor at Montgomery County Community College, most recently teaching Evidence and Juvenile Justice. Mr. Bluestein continues to serve on the Childrens” Rights Committee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and is a member of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Section of the PBA.

Mr. Bluestein received his B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and J.D. from Duquesne University School of Law.