Client Testimonials

“We met Craig Bluestein in 2015 under severe hopelessness & despair with our foster son and foster care system in Delaware county.  A friend of mine adoption lawyer contacted me and said if anyone can win your case as difficult as it may be it would be Craig Bluestein.  My situation at that point was critical and we were looking at losing our foster child after having him from birth. At the time we met with Craig the child was 2 years old.  We had ups and downs like an emotional roller coaster ride. Craig kept us grounded, informed and focused.  Even when things seemed impossible Craig kept at it and made sure our foster son was not taken from our home during the next grueling complicated 2 years.  Yes he was tough and was to the point and gave us the truth even when we didn’t want to hear the truth. I would hang on every word he told us especially when it was GOOD news!!  He was compassionate, honest, caring, determined and did everything in his power and beyond to make sure our little boy would be with his forever family and home for good.  We were a bonded family without a doubt no matter what obstacles we had to go through anyone who met us and our little boy knew we loved each other and would do anything to make sure we stayed together. Craig Bluestein made that miracle happen. In August of 2017, exactly 4 years later to the day our wish, our miracle and our little boy’s adoption was granted.  That day our son’s forever family and forever home was forever etched in the court of law.  Could of never made it without the love, guidance, patience thoroughness and professionalism of Craig Bluestein and we will be
forever grateful to him. “ ~ A.D. & M.D.

“Hired for legal representation in both my adoption and another civil matter and am more than pleased!” ~ L.T.

“Kate is a wonderful lawyer! We were so blessed to find her to help with our adoption. She was a joy to work with. She kept us updated throughout the whole process, explained things in an easy to understand way, answered our many many questions, responded to our questions very fast, helped us figure out other details after the adoption was final and was all around just wonderful to work with! Thank you again for everything Kate!” ~S.S.& C.S.

“Craig and Kathryn were wonderful to work with! They were professional, thorough, and extremely hard working. We had a tough adoption case and I know they spent many hours on our case. They treated us with kindness and were very genuine. They were very knowledgeable about adoption case law. We would work with them again in a heartbeat!” ~ P.T. & N.T.